How to Make an Easter Bunny Hair Bow

I saw a sign in a store today counting down the days to Easter. My first thought was, “Woo hoo, spring is almost here! Now I can pull out all my daughter’s cute pastel dresses!” My second thought was, “Oh boy, I need some Easter hair bow ideas!” Then I remembered this adorable Easter Bunny hair bow. It combines the best parts of a traditional bow and a ribbon sculpture. Here’s how you make one.

·         Gather all your supplies:

6.5 inch piece of 7/8 inch polka dot ribbon

5.5 inch piece of 7/8 inch polka dot ribbon

6 inch piece of 3/8 inch Swiss dot ribbon

Two 4.5 inch pieces of 3/8 inch Swiss dot ribbon

Two 4 inch pieces of 3/8 inch white ribbon


Small hot glue gun (makes a thinner line of glue)


Alligator clip

·         Seal the ends of all your ribbons with the lighter.

·         Put your 6.5 inch piece of 7/8 polka dot ribbon polka dot side down on your work surface. Find the center of your ribbon and put a vertical line of hot glue down it. Fold both ends in toward the center and place them on your glue line. Hold them in place until your glue sets. This gives you 2 loops.·        

·            ·     


  • Flip it over and make 2 accordion pleats in the center, with the 2 folds to the front. Glue the pleats in place with thin lines of hot glue. Hold the center until the glue sets. Fluff the loop ends with your pinkie finger and set this bow aside.
  • Repeat all the gluing, pleating, and fluffing steps with your 5.5 inch piece of 7/8 inch polka dot ribbon. Now you have 2 bows.
  • Put a small dot of glue on the front center of the larger bow. Center the smaller bow on the glue dot and hold in place until the glue sets. Set the double bow you just created aside.
  • Put a 1 inch horizontal line of glue across the center back of your bunny bow. Pinch your alligator clip open and press the back prong into the line of glue. Keep your clip pinched open until the glue cools down and it doesn’t feel tacky when you touch it; this way you won’t glue your clip shut. (I admit it, I have glued clips shut before!) Set the bunny bow aside.
  • Take your 6 inch piece of 3/8 inch Swiss dot ribbon and tie an overhand knot in the middle. Make it neat and pretty because this will be your bow center.
  • Flip the bunny bow to the front and put a dot of glue in the middle. Center the knot in your 6 inch piece of ribbon on the glue dot, with one tail going up and the other tail going down. Hold until the glue sets.
  • Flip your bunny bow to the back, and grab the top tail of the 6 inch piece of ribbon. Pull it between the ears, open your alligator clip, lay the ribbon across the clip, and then close the clip. Trim the ribbon tail so there is about ¼ inch sticking out past the clip. Open the clip, put a dot of glue inside it where the ribbon crossed it, pull the trimmed ribbon back over the glue, and close the clip. You can cut the ribbon a little closer to the clip while the glue sets, if you like. Pull the bottom tail up and trim and glue it the same way.

Now flip your bunny bow back to the front. Re-fluff the bow loops with your pinkie finger and arrange the ears so it looks just right!





That’s it, an Easter bunny hair bow! It’s so simple and looks super cute. You could use all solid ribbons, but I think, for this particular Easter hair accessory, the polka dots make it look extra adorable! I’m going to pull out all my lovely pastel ribbons and make a bunch of them!

 Here's another cute video tutorial for you to watch.. The DIY Sailor Hair Bow


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