Floral Crown Tutorial

Floral Crown Tutorial


 This floral crown tutorial is so lovely and super versatile! This crown can be used for a newborn floral crown as a photo prop, or is fully adjustable to be used as a flower girl headband in a wedding!  



The supplies needed to make this floral crown:

A beaded crown,

1 yard of lace elastic,

12 inches of green leaf trim,

and 12 paper flowers.  

These are available to purchase in our shop here.  

What you'll need to do is take your crown, and then take your flowers in groups of 2 and then wrap the wire stem around the crown.  From the center, you should have 3 groups on the left and 3 groups on the right of flowers.  Then you cut your left trim and wrap it around your crown.  Lastly take your lace elastic and loop it through the ends of the crown so you are able to tie it.  And that's it!  Super simple!  Watch our video below for more details!  

This floral crown is a lovely addition to a bridesmaid or flower girl dress in a wedding.  A floral crown headband is so versatile and there are many color combinations that will go perfectly together!



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