Simple, No-Sew Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial!

This video is a very simple, no-sew tutorial on how to make a pinwheel hair bow.  I love how easy it can be to make hair bows without needle and thread!  This hair bow is basically two tuxedo bows hot glued together!  I can make this hair bow in about 10 minutes!  It's nice to have a quick hair bow to make for my daughter when we need something new for one of her outfits.  I make a lot of white hair bows for my daughter as an easy go-to for outfits when I can't find just the right shade of ribbon or flower to match her outfit.  

To make this hair bow, you will need:

2 pieces of 1-1/2 inch ribbon that are 8 inches long,

a 4-inch long piece of 3/8 inch ribbon,

a lined alligator clip,

a lighter,

hot glue,

and scissors!  





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