Where to find Fidget Spinners? We have them!

Where to find Fidget Spinners? We have them!

Remember all the fads our kids have gone through, like Rainbow Looms and bottle flipping? Well, now there’s a new one: Fidget Spinners! And you know what? I like them! That’s why I now have them for sale on www.hairbowsuppliesetc.com in 6 fun colors. They really have cool features in their favor that even teachers would agree on.

1-They are self-contained.

My daughter adored her Rainbow Loom and loved wearing her finished bracelets. However, I would find those tiny, brightly colored loops all over my house for days after she finished a project. A fidget spinner has no loose parts!

2-Kids don’t have to fling them in the air to make them work.

Flipped bottles tend to flip all over. Things get knocked over, people get hit, and feelings get hurt. Also, the tops pop off and then they’re drenched. A fidget spinner spins in their hand making a soothing, whirring sound, keeping the kids busy for hours!

3-Kids can carry on a conversation while they use one.

Kids don’t need to look at a fidget spinner to play with it, so they can actually look at people and talk to them! If you have 2 kids together playing on tablets, it’s silent and all you see are the tops of their heads. Get 2 kids with fidget spinners together, however, and they will compare them, talk about the tricks they can do, and just interact more.

4-Grownups like them, too.

Forbes magazine declared fidget spinners the must have office toy for 2017! They’re a great way to work off nervous energy when you’re in your cubicle. Much easier on your office mates than pencil drumming, tuneless whistling, or finger tapping!

And, finally, my favorite:


Fidget spinners are a fun way to learn about physics. There are videos all over YouTube explaining the principles of how fidget spinners work and suggesting cool experiments. You can record your fidget spinner and look for awesome optical effects when you play the video back. 

See, fidget spinners are great! Everyone appreciates something quiet and self-contained when you just need to keep your hands busy.

Get yours at Hairbow Supplies, Etc. today while supplies last!

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