Baby Shower Headband Station

Baby Shower Headband Station

This week’s tutorial is how to set up a baby headband making station at your baby shower. This is a super cute and trendy idea to bring a creative touch to your little girl’s shower!

The baby shower headband bar is a memorable addition to any shower, and allows for family and friends to explore their creative side while showing both baby and mom how much they care. Not only will baby have an assortment of adorable headbands upon her arrival, but these baby shower favors are great fun for guests to make as well. These headbands for babies are so simple to put together but make an adorable accessory for any baby girl! You can make the headbands in a variety of sizes using our elastic headband size chart below so baby will have beautiful headbands that she can grow into as she grows up.  

To set up a headband station at your baby shower, you will need the following supplies:
an assortment of fold over elastic,
embellishments such as flowers and bows,
felt circles,
a hot glue gun, and scissors.  

These are adorable DIY baby shower activities!

The baby shower headband station instructions in the 5 x 7" picture frame is available for download here in our shop.

 The headband making station sign called "Make Baby Charlotte a Headband" is available for download here.


First you will need to choose the fold over elastic you would like to use to make your headband. Our 5/8 inch wholesale fold over elastic comes in a variety of colors and prints so you can order your favorites by the yard for the most unique and personalized headbands.

To make the process of choosing your materials simpler, you can purchase our DIY headband making kit here. These kits include an assortment of color coordinated fold over elastic, chiffon flowers, bows, and felt circles to make beautiful matching headbands. We offer headband kits wholesale in a variety of colors and themes, including seasonal themes for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Each headband kit includes enough materials to make 12 baby headbands.


Next, you will choose an embellishment for your baby headband. Our DIY baby headband kits include an assortment of chiffon flowers and beautiful bows, allowing you to make endless combinations of elegant hair accessories. Choose flowers to match baby’s outfits, or make special holiday themed headbands she can wear all throughout the year.


After you have selected the design for your headband, you will glue the embellishment to your fold over elastic, using the method in the make a baby headband tutorial. To finish your headband, glue on your felt circle.  Then use a wooden clothespin to hang your headband on the display!


You can make so many different DIY headbands for both baby and mom to enjoy by including a baby shower headband station at your baby shower. This simple yet creative touch will surely make your baby shower memorable for years to come! 




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