Headband Kits

Baby shower headband kits from Hairbow Supplies, Etc. are a new and trendy way to encourage a mom-to-be, and pamper her precious little one! Each DIY baby headband kit contains enough fold over elastic, flowers, bows, and felt circles to make 12 headbands. Grandmas, aunts, sisters, and friends can all bond at the baby shower headband bar while they indulge their creative side. Encourage them to make different sizes, so the little princess can wear some right away and grow into the others. All you need to supply for the baby shower headband station are scissors, hot glue, and your guests’ imaginations!

Our make your own headband kits come in every color combination you can imagine. Sweet pastels, extravagant gem tones, lively tropical hues, dazzling metallics, lavish luxury shades...everything you need to create a DIY baby headband wardrobe! We also carry hairband kits in holiday colors and seasonal colors. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Autumn, at our prices you can purchase enough headband making supplies so the little darling has adorable headbands to match every outfit. Craft a matching one for the mom for a special occasion.

We have instructional videos for making a basic baby headband, and more advanced ones. We also have a headband size chart. A typical infant headband is around 16 inches. Newborn headbands are a bit smaller, and little girl ones are a bit bigger, but even adult headbands aren’t any longer than 18 inches. This means you can make 2 headbands from each yard of elastic in your headband making kit for a baby shower.

Buying your headband kits wholesale through Hairbow Supplies, Etc. allows you to afford to use them for more than just a baby shower headband station. Creating headbands is also fun for a baby’s first birthday party. Set up a headband creation station at a younger girls scouting craft night, or a glamor makeover birthday party. We have an abundant supply of make your own headband kits to prepare for a craft show.

DIY headband kits for babies at a baby shower headband station are a great change from the usual, ordinary baby shower party games. The guests get to socialize while they create something beautiful, and practical, for the baby. It is a win for everyone, especially the mom-to-be.

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