How to Make a Cheer Bow

How to Make a Cheer Bow

You'll love this cheer bow tutorial! What’s the best way to persuade little sister to cheer for her big brother at his ball games? Make cute DIY cheer bows in his team colors! So I thought I’d talk about how to make a cheer bow step by step. It is easy to learn how to make cheer bows; you can craft bows for your entire cheer squad!


  • Gather all the supplies you need:
3 inch ribbon, 29 inches long
7/8 ribbon, 6 inches long
Goody's Ouchless Hair Elastic
Cable ties 
Hot glue
  • Lay your 3 inch ribbon flat, then fold the ends down at a slight angle so you have 2 loops and 2 tails. Make sure they are even.
  • Bunch your bow up in the center from top to bottom, then wrap your cable tie around where it is bunched and pull it as tight as you can. Snip the “tail” off the cable tie. This is the back of your bow. Flip your bow over and fluff it a little.
  • Take one of your bow tails and fold it in half lengthwise. Use your scissors to cut the ribbon at an angle from the tip of the edges toward the fold. Unfold it and you should have a nice V at the end. Seal the cut edge with your lighter. Then follow the same steps for your other bow tail.
  • Do a simple overhand knot in the center of your 7/8 inch ribbon. Make it pretty, because this will be the center of your cheer bow. Put a dot of glue on the zip tie on the front of your bow, and center the knot in the 7/8 ribbon on it, with one end going up and the other going down. Let the glue set for a few seconds.
  • Flip your bow to the back, and glue the ponytail holder up against the little nub on the cable tie. Hold the ponytail holder upright until the glue sets.
  • Pull the bottom end of the 7/8 inch ribbon through the ponytail holder and trim it so it’s just long enough to overlap the ponytail holder and the nub. Glue it down. Do the same with the top end, but have it overlap a little further so it looks neat and pretty. Flip your bow back to the front and give it a final fluff.

There you have it: how to make a cheer bow out of ribbon! I hope you have as much fun with it as my daughter and I have!..

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