How to Make Hair Scrunchies

How to Make Hair Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are the most fun and versatile hair accessories!  Remember having scrunchies and stacking as many as you could up your arm?  I love that they are making a come back! Let me show you how to make scrunchies!  We're going to make a hair scrunchie with elastic so get your supplies and let's get started! You'll need some fabric.  I purchased my fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I love how their fabrics are always so new and trendy! Then you'll need 1/4 inch skinny elastic, which you can purchase from my shop here. Get out your Safety PinsSewing machine (Sewing Machines Plus have the best sewing machines!), ThreadScissors, and Pencil and you're on you're way! 



22 inches x 3 inches fabric

9 inches of ¼ inch skinny elastic

Safety Pins

Sewing machine

Thread - Coats and Clark is my favorite brand 



First, take the long end of the fabric (the end that is 3 inches wide) and fold it down about 1/2 inch.  Then you’ll take your whole fabric piece (the 22 inch long portion) and fold it right sides together.  Then pin all the way down.  I don’t always pin my fabrics together because I think it takes up too much time, but if you want to pin your fabrics together you can. Then stitch down a quarter inch seam all the way down.  So you’ve just made a cute little tube. Now to get that tube right side in, you’ll need your safety pin. 

Open up your safety pin and then open up your tube.  Then safety pin one of the sides of your tube.  Then put your safety pin through the tube and feed your pin all the way down. Once your pin has gone all the way down your tube, you can turn your fabric inside out very easily.  Detach your safety pin from your fabric.  Now get your elastic and attach your safety pin to it.  Then run your safety pink through your tube.  Make sure to keep track of the end of your elastic so it doesn’t get lost in the tube. 

Next take your safety pin off and then tie a knot around your fingers with the elastic.  Then slide your elastic knot back through the fabric so you can’t see it.  Then tuck the unfinished fabric edge inside the other side of the fabric.  Next you’ll take your sewing machine and sew right down the two edges to make a closed seam.  And that’s it!  It’s really so simple to make a scrunchie with elastic!

I made a few of these for my daughter and she just loves them!  We had some leftover fabric and we made some mini scrunchies with it as well!  She loves the big scrunchies the best!  The fabric we used today goes with pink, turquoise, yellow, and lime so it would work with a bunch of coordinating outfits!  





If you're interested in doing a no sew hair accessory for your next DIY project, check out my No Sew Pinwheel Hair Bow Tutorial.  This is a fun project using ribbon, hot glue and scissors!


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