How to Make Rolled Felt Flowers Tutorial

How to Make Rolled Felt Flowers Tutorial

I am just the biggest fan of felt – if you can’t already tell! I think I’ve come up with a hundred ideas of DIY felt crafts that I could make (just kidding… but you know what I mean, right?)  This rolled felt flower tutorial is another perfect no sew idea!  I get so many people that tell me that they worry about their baby having a scratchy hair bow.  Or a felt circle going on the bottom of their bow – was the felt scratchy or soft? Well, of course you’d want a soft felt!  And on top of that, what would make a better hair accessory than a rolled felt flower?  So, I played around with this felt, and here we have an adorable step-by-step DIY rolled felt flower for you to use! The coolest part of this DIY flower is that when you cut the flower, the bottom of it is a built in felt circle!  It really worked out all the way around to be a nifty hair accessory! I have seen people make a group of different types of felt flowers and make it into a really pretty headband.

Well today – we’re just learning to make felt flowers for headbands or hair clips.  All you need is the basics:  Scissors, hot glue, pearl button, and a piece of felt. I got my felt for like 25 cents a piece.  Imaging how cost effective to make a dozen flowers out of a 25 cent piece of felt! Being the bargain hunter that I am, I find this a great deal!

Okay so let’s get down to it…


First off, cut your rectangular piece of felt into a 4 inch circle.  I eyeballed it and just made it the best circle I could. Now, take your circle and start off at the top, and cut into your circle.  What we’re going to do is spiral it.  Cut up to the left and make your spiral about a 1 inch wide spiral.  Continue cutting to the left around until just right before the end, and you’ll have about a 1 inch circle left.  Leave that for later.

Next, start at the tiny tip and start rolling your felt around.  When you start rolling your felt, you’ll notice that it will start making a rose shape, and that’s what you want.  Keep rolling around. 

The top part will make the rose top, and the bottom you’ll use that to hot glue the backing on.  When you get to the end of rolling your felt, you’ll just hot glue the last circle part on the bottom and that will be your end.  Then take your pearl and put a dab of hot glue in the center, and put your pearl button in the center. I love to cut to felt flowers by hand! ( If you wanted to add a little leaf, you could buy some green felt and make a leaf and glue that in there as well.) And that’s it!




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