Vintage Baby Headband Tutorial

Vintage Baby Headband Tutorial

I inherited my grandma’s hope chest, and every time I go through it, it brings back so many memories! When I was a little girl, Grandma and I would pull out her wedding dress, her embroidered handkerchiefs, her special lace tablecloth…and she would share the stories that went with them. Today, when I look at look at all that gorgeous satin and lace, I smile…and share the stories with my daughter. I decided to create a vintage baby headband to remind me of the beautiful things in Grandma’s trunk. I smiled when I made it, and I hope you do, too!


  • Gather the supplies you need:

4 Flowers

3 Felt Circles

Rhinestone Button

16 Inches Lace Elastic

Hot Glue (excellent hot glue gun available on Amazon)


  • Take 2 felt circles, overlap them a little, and glue together. It should look a number 8. Rotate it so the 8 is lying on its side.
  • Decide on the prettiest arrangement for your 4 flowers and begin gluing them to the felt circle 8. Keep the flowers toward the edges of the felt circles, but still close enough together so you can’t see any felt between them.
  • Flip your flower cluster over so the felt circles face up. Take your lace elastic and find the shiny side. Turn it shiny side down and glue one end onto one felt circle on the flower cluster. Use the tip of your scissors to press the lace elastic into the glue; this way you won’t burn your fingers.
  • Loop your elastic around, making sure it’s not twisted, and glue the other end slightly on top of the first end. Press this end down with the scissors tip.
  • Take your 3rd felt circle and glue it so it covers the lace elastic overlap. Now the back looks nice and finished!
  • Flip it back to the front, and decide where you want your rhinestone button. I like to nestle it between the flowers, but you can put it wherever it looks prettiest to you. Glue it down. And that’s it, you’re done!

Did you ever imagine a vintage inspired headband would be so easy to make? I like to use ivory flowers and lace, but you can use flowers in any antique shades you like. Mauve, dusty rose, lavender, beige, peach, or mint all look scrumptious on a vintage baby headband!

I feel nostalgia creeping up on me, so I think I’ll pull out my scrapbooks and reminisce about Grandma. Have fun crafting!

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