DIY Troll Headband

DIY Troll Headband

 We're back again to share another fun and easy trolls Poppy headband DIY idea! We bought the video of Trolls and my daughter wanted something to wear that reminded her of the character Poppy. We made this troll hair headband with tulle and it turned out great! I think you will appreciate how simple it is to make a trolls headband.
Gather all the Supplies you need to make a Trolls headband with tulle:

10 mm purple satin headband

7 yards of hot pink tulle, cut into 11 strips of 22 inches

Bright blue felt flower

18 inches of hot pink 5/8 inch ribbon

Hot glue gun (If your flower is not self-adhesive)



  • Put the headband on the table in front of you and fold 1 piece of tulle in half.
  • Lay the folded tulle over the headband with the loop towards the center and the loose ends pointing out.
  • Wrap the loose ends of the tulle around the headband and pull up through the loop. Pull the tulle nice and snug against the headband. Repeat with all the other tulle strips, keeping them pushed tightly together. (This helps the “troll hair” be puffier!)
  • Gather the loose ends of the tulle together, about 6-8 inches above the headband, and tie on the ribbon in a pretty bow. Fluff the tulle a little so it looks like troll hair.
  • Take your bright blue flower and glue it on just above the headband. Poppy has several flowers in her hair, but we thought 1 still looked super cute!


What a fun trolls headbands to make with your daughter! You can get everything you need for this project from my website. Keep up with the newest products and craft ideas on my website!

Happy crafting!



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