Ribbon Grab Bags

If you love grosgrain ribbon but cannot pick just one color, print, or width, our ribbon grab bags are for you! These amazing grosgrain ribbon grab bags will become your new best friend and your new go to for anything craft supplies. The idea is simple, to provide you with a large assortment of beautiful grosgrain ribbon at a low price. Each grab bag selection offers enough ribbon to complete many do it yourself hair accessory projects. You can add to your supply of grosgrain ribbon so you can make hair bows and other cute hair accessories such as ribbon wrapped headbands, pony o streamers, and more.

We have 4 different grosgrain ribbon grab bags in stock. Our first grab bag is a basic printed grosgrain ribbon grab bag. This grab bag comes with 20 yards of beautiful printed grosgrain ribbon perfect for completing any project. Each print comes in a one yard strip, so you will receive 20 different prints of fun and adorable grosgrain ribbon. You will receive an assortment of prints and widths in your grab bag, so no two grab bags are alike! This fun way of ordering wholesale printed ribbon will allow you to stock up on a variety of sizes, colors, and prints. Need just a little ribbon to add some extra flair to that project you’ve been working on? Try picking up our less than one yard assorted ribbon grab bags. This grab bag is made up of assorted pieces of grosgrain ribbon in both prints and solids that measure less than one yard. These fun grab bags are a quick and easy way to receive an assortment of so many different ribbons to finish off those projects you’ve been working on. These grab bags are measured by weight, so you can choose either a ¼ of a pound grab bag or a ½ of a pound grab bag to ensure you receive enough ribbon for what you plan to do.

We also have holiday themed grab bags in stock for you to create all your favorite styles of Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day hair bows and hair accessories. Stock up on a variety of cute holiday prints with these grab bags, so you can make hair bows for the coming months! These grab bags come with 20 yards of assorted grosgrain ribbon in all your favorite adorable holiday prints. These grab bags are an easy and fun way to pick out your ribbon, and each one is sure to be a pleasant surprise waiting on your doorstep!

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